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NOSPLAN - An Introduction:

Planning as a profession and discipline of study has existed in India for several decades. The sheer number of minds engaged in planning as professionals and students has given rise to the need to interact, discuss and pool resources for the benefit of the subject.

Thus, in 1993, the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi revived the long dormant National Organisation of Students of Planning – NOSPLAN meet, where planners from all over the country met to exchange ideas and share experiences. The success of NOSPLAN 1993 encouraged the planning fraternity to hold an annual meet at the various planning institutions all over the country. Learn More...

Activities and Resources:

With the aim of making NOSPLAN activities to continue year round apart from the Annual convention, a activity and resource centre is proposed and ininted by the secreatariat. The Resource centre will feature the list of all academic projects under taken by all the member institutes and all related links related to planning. It will also contain all the publication made by NOSPLAN and its members.

It is also envisaged that resource centre shall be developed into a one stop access to all the information related to planning including books articles etc.,. Learn More...

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